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Staffordshire Cleaning Company - Carpet Cleaning

Staffordshire Cleaning Company – Carpet Cleaning

Carpets cleaned & ready to use immediately!

No Shrinkage!

No Dirt attracting residue!

No Damp Carpets Where Mould or Bacteria can breed!

No Waiting for carpets to dry – can be used immediately

No wet carpet smell for days


Carpets need not be out of use for hours when they’re cleaned,
Staffordshire cleaning company have now introduced ‘Dry’ carpet cleaning.
This service overcomes the traditional problems associated with carpet cleaning such as shrinkage or long drying times.
It also improves indoor air quality; carpets that are left wet for days after cleaning are ideal breeding ground for bacteria.
‘Dry carpet cleaning removes dust mites, spots and stains and lifts the pile of the carpet leaving a fresh and clean appearance.
‘Dry- Cleaning’

Is the most environmentally friendly way of carpet cleaning today!
We save on Water, heating of the water & the wasted water than then needs to be disposed of in the sewerage system.
Our state of the art equipment use micro sponges which are massaged into the carpet
Which pick up stains, pet allergens mould, dust mites & bacteria?
Traditional wet carpet cleaning takes on average 6 to 8 hours to dry.
With Staffordshire Cleaning company’s dry Carpet cleaning they are ready to walk on straight away.


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