Gutter Cleaning by Staffordshire Cleaning Company

Gutter Cleaning by Staffordshire Cleaning Company

Staffordshire Cleaning Company has been cleaning gutters for many years. Gutter cleaning is our core business. During this time we become experts in our field. Even now we find new situations that we have not encountered before but due to our experience we can quickly work out the best and most importantly the safest way to do the job.

Our gutter cleaning packages can be tailor made to suit individual client requirements.

Our established customer base incorporates many clients, from individuals, smaller companies & the large corporate sector.

We have a strict Health & Safety policy and all staff involved with working at heights are fully inducted and trained. Furthermore SCC conducts specific risk assessments and method statements are carried out irrespective of the size of the contract & we are accredited Safe Contractors for total peace of mind.

Our two man teams cover the UK, they are all directly employed and uniformed and all operatives working at heights & with telescopic booms are fully insured.

All operations are managed from our Head Office by a professional and client-focused management team. We have strived to achieve a service which reflects the quality systems that are in place and reinforces our reputation for service, quality and reliability.

Why have your gutters cleaned

Gutter CleaningAt Staffordshire Cleaning Company we can unblock and clean any type of guttering; on any type of building by either using British Aerospace Technology camera’s & high reach vacuums. For all buildings taller than 4 storey’s high hydraulic platforms & harnesses are used.

Staffordshire Cleaning Company has many nationwide contracts with leading high street company’s & property Maintenance service teams across the UK. We are very proud of the professional, excellent reputation we hold with in the corporate industry. We offer our clients a 1st class service every time with the peace of mind that your company is in good hands.

At Staffordshire Cleaning Company we know the importance of having your gutters cleaned regularly. Spring and autumn is most ideal. Although if your house is located directly under trees, it would be advisable to have them cleaned more frequently.

Staffordshire Cleaning Company would advise you to have your gutters cleaned before winter. If debris and water get trapped in the gutter it can freeze in the colder weather and form blocks of ice. This will put a strain on the gutter, the gutter brackets and also the gutter mounting. The trapped water can be particularly corrosive and cause damage or rusting to the gutters. Copper gutters, aluminium gutters and steel gutters can be badly damaged by the trapped water.

If the gutters are not maintained adequately and water is unable to drain away from the house damage can result. Often the first inclination a home owner has that their gutters need cleaned is the damp coming through a wall due to the faulty gutter system. Regular routine cleaning of the gutters can prevent problems such as this before they arise.
Staffordshire Cleaning Company firstly inspects them with our state of the art cameras which checks if you’re guttering in need a service.

Gutter Cleaning

Gutter Cleaning

When our gutter cleaners arrives at your home to clean the gutters do tell them if you feel there is a problem with the gutters, such as a leak and the gutter cleaner will be sure to check it.

All gutters can also be jetted to assure they are fully clean. Customer’s peace of mind is paramount to Staffordshire Cleaning Company. To scaffold and clean could run into thousands of pounds. Staffordshire Cleaning Company can do job for fraction of this, saving you time and money. If your home is a terraced, semi detached or detached, we will clean the gutters. The gutters are cleared of all grass, moss, leaves etc. We then check the down pipe or downspout and if this isblocked we unblock it. Finally the gutters and the gutter brackets are checked for any serious damage. If any is found we inform the client. Costly replacement of guttering however is rarely necessary and most of the time we are able to reassure the client that they now have clean gutters which are fully operational.

If you would also like your soffits and fascia’s cleaned we can do this. Soffit and fascia cleaning is an additional service we supply. Let us know if you are interested in this when you initially enquire and we will provide a quote for this service.
If you would like a free quote please do call us or fill in our inquiry form. Someone will contact you about this within 24 hours of receipt of the form.

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